Black lightning mask/cowl cosplay


Black lightning mask/cowl cosplay is inspired by the new TV series!
Mask made of high quality polyurethane rubber with resin ear tips.

Fits up to 59cm head circumference

Obviously keep in mind that the fit in any case depends on the shape of your head and face. Everyone is different and this cowl has standard proportions.
If you’ve never worn a mask, remember that it’s made of rubber and rubber rubs against your hair. Use baby powder by spreading it INSIDE the mask or wet the INSIDE of the mask with water.
If the tear-off rubber does not follow these guidelines we exclude ourselves from any responsibility.


Required measurements: Standard Size (Check Measure Upper).

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Without any communication of measurements, the standard size will be made.For details on cancellations, returns and refunds refer to the Terms and Conditions page.

********** TIME OF MAKING

Production times for this product are: 2/3 weeks.

A confirmation email will be sent to you once the product has been shipped.
Each of our products/costumes or cosplays is made to order/commission, so production times can be different from product to product.
Please refer to each product for specific production times.
Production times may sometimes change (shorter or longer) than specified above.

********** SHIPPING
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