Muscle Suit Costume cosplay Pump Style


Muscle Suit Costume cosplay Pump Style.
You can wear it alone or under your cosplay suit, or simply under a t-shirt or elegant dress.
We used durable lycra/spandex.
The suit will be elastic and comfortable, adapts to any movement.

The Pump options are available:
– Pump: has approximately 45 muscle pads and is slimmer than the SuperHero style.

The default color is gray. If you need a different color send us a private message.

You can also request a mix of our all muscle style.
You can also request a small muscle suit or custom style.

It is custom made. After order, you will receive information for measurements we need.

*if you want to request a payment plan contact us

Required measurements: We will ask measurements after purchase via e-mail.

Providing wrong or imprecise or incorrect measurements could affect the correct fitting of the costume/accessory. Please make sure you provide CORRECT MEASUREMENTS (we may contact you after order to further verify about this)
Without any communication of measurements, the standard size will be made.For details on cancellations, returns and refunds refer to the Terms and Conditions page.

********** TIME OF MAKING

Production times for this product are: 3/6 weeks.

A confirmation email will be sent to you once the product has been shipped.
Each of our products/costumes or cosplays is made to order/commission, so production times can be different from product to product.
Please refer to each product for specific production times.
Production times may sometimes change (shorter or longer) than specified above.

********** SHIPPING
The shipping times for DELIVERY START from the date of shipment of the object (delivery of the package to the reference courier chosen during the purchase) which does not coincide with purchase date, since all our objects are made on commission/order with different production times.